Meticulous Monclair Makeover

This interior renovation was completed in the Monclair area and less than half a mile from the St. Johns River. The heart of this home is the kitchen. It boasts beautiful double kitchen islands, that allow for an exorbitant amount of counter space. The atrium view from to the backyard allows for natural light to permeate throughout the kitchen. The double door entry into the foyer has a simple sophistication, that echoes the classy feel that is felt throughout the home. The collection of windows and doors that line the walls of the dining room, give the feel of being able to eat outside, while still being able to enjoy the interior modern luxuries that we all love.

Ponte Vedra Stunning Update

We were lucky enough to be able to renovate the kitchen and family area for this Ponte Vedra Beach home. Throughout the renovated space, dark tones are used and create a very warm and inviting feel. The dark hard wood floors, warm paint, deep brown furniture, and dark counter tops create a stark contrast to the white cabinetry that is used in the kitchen. The tile work around the fireplace and built-ins on either side complete the warm and luxurious feel.

Orange Park Original

This whole home renovation was completed in Orange Park and used a great deal of colors and modern pieces to bring this home to life! The modern kitchen with the use of vibrant green colors makes this kitchen pop. The extensive tile work and wallpaper throughout the home continue to bring lively color to the home.

Freshening up in Ortega

This 1952 home located in Ortega received a whole home remodel. This home took well to the much-needed face lift and is now a space the homeowners can be proud to show off. The Dual vanity, with traditional white cabinetry, along with the spacious shower come together to make a beautiful master bathroom. The living areas were brought up to date and are now spaces that the whole family likes to gather.

Attractive Avondale Complete Renovation

This Avondale home, built in 1969, received a much needed and welcomed home remodel 46 years after it was built! The dark grey tones that are utilized throughout the home, are very well offset with bursts of color! The orange accent wall flanking the fireplace on each side, echoes the bright color that is used throughout the home. The kitchen shows off with a beautiful island that is large enough to be used as a breakfast bar and cooking space at the same time. The tile wall that sits opposite the kitchen island adds to the already breathtaking kitchen.

Inviting Epping Forest Sun Room

The addition of the sun room and outside living area, was completed on a home that we previously remodeled and is located in Epping Forrest. The homeowners were so pleased with the first round of work we completed, that they elected to come back again! The sun room offers the ultimate experience of being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, while still enjoying the modern amenities that we are all accustom to. The outdoor area sports a sink and counter top area that is nestled next to the grill and is perfect for preparing food and entertaining guests!

Fleming Island Expansion

With this riverfront home on the St. John’s river, we were lucky enough to build on additions and complete exterior renovations. The original balconies were completely removed and two stunning additions were added. The SW side of the home now offers an upstairs screened in extension and a covered lanai, while the NW side of the home added an air-conditioned exercise room/office and an upstairs full extension of the master suite. The river view of the home was transformed by flanking the outdoor seating area with symmetrical two-story additions. The heart of the home is now nestled in between, giving a unique view both form and of the river.

Opening up in San Jose

This remodel included the kitchen, a bathroom, the living room, and family room. This home offers a stylish two-way fireplace that separates the family room and the living room. The built-in shelves and cabinets in the family room offer an elegant and attractive storage solution and display area. Both the kitchen and bathroom ended up being engaging and stunning rooms in this home.

Vintage Ortega Makeover

This circa 1920’s home remodel was featured in the February, March, and April 2009 edition of “Remodel Jacksonville”. Two stumps that were disrupting the foundation of the house, lead to a breathtaking remodel of the home. The balance of old world features and contemporary bright cabinetry in kitchen, are very interesting counterpoints to each other. Our ability to effectively meld a vintage home feel, with all the amenities and features of a modern home are well on display in this remodel.

Marvelous Mandarin Makeover

This beautiful Mandarin area home received kitchen/living area renovation and had a lanai installed. The elegant white color scheme in the living area pairs well with the gorgeous hardwood floors. The dramatic columns add a luxurious feel, while also helping the space not feel too open. The addition of a kitchen bar provided a space for quick meals and an area that can be used for casual conversations with the chef! The lanai on the back of the house now provides a much-needed area for shade next to the pool and also seamlessly blends into the house, with the look that it is original to the home.

Lake Retreat Makeover

This beautiful lake front home located in Hawthorne Florida, received a lot of attention at the 2007 First Coast Remodelers Awards bringing home two wins. One for the Kitchen remodel and one for the overall remodel of the home. This remodel was a complete reorient of the floor plan that included reversing the positions of the Master Bedroom and the Kitchen, adding three new bedrooms, and replacing an enclosed Florida Room with a conventionally framed open veranda.

Magnificent Mother-in-Law Suite

This garage turned Mother-in-law suite, is located in the Miramar area of Jacksonville. This beautifully spacious Mother-in-law suite was once the family’s garage, but is now a fully functional living space. The space comes complete with a living area, bedroom, bathroom, and small exercise area. The stained concrete in the living area, bedroom, and exercise area brings a pop of color to the rooms.

Elegant Epping Remodel

This home nestled in beautiful Epping Forrest was a whole home remodel. We were able to transform this 1980’s home into a stylish and modern home, while working within some stringent constraints. The home itself was located inside a preserved habitat that forced some us to adapt our approach, but we were ready for the challenge! Class and sophistication are two themes that one can felt echoed throughout the home. The master bedroom and bathroom are examples of the finest craftsmanship that Sport Nobles Construction delivers.

Entering Miramar

This Miramar area home was in need of a gorgeous entry into the home and it received just that! The newly added brick steps lead you to a set of beautiful double doors. Once you open the doors, you then enter a foyer that exudes luxury and elegance. The spacious foyer shows off with a simple stated elegance that is made possible by the lightly colored tile, the gorgeous crown molding, and the use of dark furniture within the room.

Exemplary Ortega Complete Remodel

This riverfront whole home remodel was quite the example of the incredible feats that can be completed with the right contractor. The entire home was lifted and moved four feet away from the river for more building space and to repair damage caused by tree roots! This 1920’s Ortega home received a complete renovation, a new addition, and a covered walkway leading to a 3-car garage. From the traditional kitchen, to the new sun room or to the new laundry room, every room in this house was either given an exceptional face lift or added to bring life to this historical home.

Magnificent Miramar Makeover

This home renovation is located in the Miramar area of town. This was a whole home renovation, as well as the addition of the guest house. The home shows impressive tile work in all bathrooms and the kitchen. The spacious kitchen comes with a considerable amount of cabinets, that should be the envy of the neighborhood. Along with the guest house addition, we also added covered back porch that is perfect for entertaining!

Murray Hill Makeover

This gorgeous whole home remodel is nestled firmly in the Murray Hill area of Jacksonville. While the entirety of this home shines bright, the true star of the home has to be the kitchen! From the traditional white cabinetry, to the dark counter tops, to the beautiful tops used for the kitchen island, everything in this kitchen perfectly balances itself. The hardwood floors used in the living areas of the home also offer a great contrast! The fireplace locate beneath the television, brings a quiet sophistication to the living area.

Not just any Garage Apartment in Ortega

This detached 4-car garage and upstairs living space is located in the Ortega area. The living space above the garage comes complete with a beautiful balcony, living area, bar, and master suite. This living space is perfect for entertaining out-of-town guests and the spacious garage allows enough space for all the toys a person may acquire!

Stunning San Marco Remodel

This 1941 San Marco home received a whole home remodel, that shows the beauty that can be inserted into an existing home. The dark tones of the dining room are wonderfully offset by the lightly colored kitchen. The traditional white cabinetry perfectly offset the dark wood flooring. The master bath walls are covered in a dark intricate wall paper, that works well with the dark vanity and light counter tops. The Florida room at the rear of the house is perfect for entertaining guests or lounging and enjoying all of the natural light.

Memorable Monclair Garage and Home Expansion

This beautiful home is located in the Monclair area of town, less than half a mile from the St. Johns River. We had the pleasure of renovating a bathroom, adding a new garage, and adding a gorgeous covered entryway for their front porch. The spacious garage allows for easy accommodation of 3 cars, with room left to spare. The bathroom renovation was kept simple, but displays a wonderful pebble floor tile.

Adding on in Avondale

This addition and renovation was competed in the Avondale area. We had the opportunity to add on enough space to the house to transform and renovate the kitchen area, providing more room in the kitchen and an additional living area. The traditional white cabinets and stainless steel appliances give an updated feel to what was a kitchen in need of a change. We were also able to add on an upstairs girl’s bedroom and bathroom.

Fixed Up in Fairfax

In this Fairfax area home, we remodeled the kitchen, added a garage, and a second story addition of a master suite. The master bath and kitchen pictured here were both entered in the 2012 First Coast Remodelers Awards. The master bath was somewhat constrained attempting to include all requests into a small space, but resulted in a luxurious new master bath that provides privacy for the homeowner. This complete kitchen remodel included: new cabinets, flooring, walls, appliances, fixtures and additional space for an island. The original floor plan of the kitchen offered very little help with flow and most of the elements within the kitchen did not line up. The overall result of the project ended in a spacious kitchen that would suit any Chef’s Dream!